CHH Artists Get Called Out For Jacking Derek Minor By Dj Wade-O And Cardardec Drums


Derek minor has real raw unadulterated truth, unapologetic about it but the people he has around him will ride for him regardless of the situation. And here we have proof of that. Derek Minor`s producer Carter drums says “ima need y’all Christian rappers (yea that’s right you a “Christian rapper” always will be) to stop Jackin Derek minor. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!! A few of y’all!! at least give big bro some credit”. Then DJ Wade-O says, “Dudes been jacking Derek Minor for years. Songs, lyrics, concepts, album titles, beats. Whole 9. Put some respek on his name”.

Recently I reported about this where shortly after Andy Mineo said that his project was going to be a kind of four series Ep type project. Derek Minor tweeted “I did it first”! which in fact was true because in October or September Derek Minor announced that he was going to be releasing a 4 series Ep part series, but I also see that Steven Malcolm also has a kind of a series Ep type concept. So with that being said, we see his influences all around here. Also Lecrae has a whole album titled “Let the trap say Amen” whom the first person or the most recent person heard or something like that is Derek minor’s “Free from the trap” and Thi’sl. Now I know what a lot of y’all are saying, ”It shouldn’t matter whether you’re Christian hiphop or not. You know this, that but it should! When you are not giving the credit for where you got the idea, no one is going to think less of you especially not in Christian hiphop. People are going to be like oh yeah you know we’re all brothers in Christ we should be you know who your speech ideas but hey I’m just putting this out here that this is what a lot of people are clamoring about. Monitor is an innovator! you think about a lot of people’s getting a lot of credibility right now. Ty Brasel, WHATUPRG, Derek minor was one of the first people to work with those people and now they’re on bigger pedestals and a lot of people want a piece of the pie or piece of the action or piece of these new wave artists.

Do you think that this is a bunch about nothing Or people should give credit where its due?

Rapper XXX Tentacion Murdered, Chh Responds!


Unless you have been underneath a rock or something you know that Controversial US rapper XXXTentacion [Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy (real name)], is dead. He was shot dead, Police say.

He was out bike shopping and an SUV pulled up and led off in his vehicle. Now there are tons of videos surfacing showing his lifeless body in a car and things like that nobody knows really who did it. Now a lot of people especially in the Christian community didn’t rock with him because it seemed that he was into a lot of demonic things. He was very depressed and different things like that. But what does this have to do with Christian hip hop? You may say a lot of people in the Christian community were shouting out their condolences.

It really does seem to me to actually hear about him I mean a man was only 20 years old and he has now lost his life. But we have Christian hip hop artist kind of putting out their thoughts on this. One in particular was Ruslan says “I’m seeing a wide spectrum of responses to XXX. The most alarming is people pushing back those mourning because he had a history of violence and abuse. Feeling loss, shock, or mourning doesn’t dismiss their negative actions. You can feel upset by both. But a life was cut short. There’s so much to unpack, so many lessons from him attempting to turn a new leaf to the circumstances surrounding his death to why a dozen people stood around filming instead of maybe pulling him out of the car and putting pressure on his wounds. All of this is super sad. I enjoyed XXX but couldn’t support him because of the abuse case sat through 17 +? Impressed with his vulnerability and musicality. I saw a huge potential but was conflicted why/how he got on. His passing hurts and I’m honestly in shock. Does it mean that I am mourning an abuser?”

There was a lot of people in CHH saddened by this. I think the biggest thing is of how old he was. I mean he was a kid. However, Ruslan just kind of putting the raw facts out there like mad, sad that he’s passed yet it doesn’t dismiss a lot of wrong that he was doing not saying in any sense that he deserved what he got. A lot of people really wouldn’t say certain things off the top. He had a lot of support but there was a lot of people not supporting him because of his past situations yet they’re coming out now and are saddened by.

So, does a person’s past matter when they pass. Does it affect how you deal with the situation. Whether it be a family member/friend/distant relative just because somebody that you don’t really know well?

What do you think?

Beleaf On Commercial with John Legend.


Christian hip hop continues to win and the reason that I say that is because, Beleaf has now been featured in a national commercial with John Legend. The fact of the matter is he quit rapping full time in order to be a full time and present father. He was part of dream junkies and the breax and to keep it a Bill, he is probably the ghostwriter behind one of your favorite artists. Just to put that out, when it came to the piano it was a lot of people that couldn’t touch Beleaf. But this guy opened up his home, created a show called “Beleaf in fatherhood” that you could see up on YouTube and there are so many people that tune into this not just Christians but people that don’t even know Christ. He has been mentioned on several different blogs on “the best shows” on YouTube or “the best father” and things like that. And last year he stirred the pot when he created a hash tag called #BlackFather’sDay. But now he has been featured in a commercial with John Legend. Congratulations to him for showing that black fathers are in fact present in their kid’s life that a black father can have a full family; wife, kids can have everything so big shouts out to him for making it his official mission.

Hip Hop Artist CZAR Josh Releases Debut Single “Stay Woke” Featuring Big Yae


Christian Hip Hop Newcomer CZAR Josh releases his debut single “Stay Woke” featuring Big Yae.  The socially charged track boasts production from fellow Culture Villains affiliate Big Yae with additional production from Producer Lokey.  CZAR Josh states that the motivation for Stay Woke was “ help people become aware of issues within our community and how to fix it.”

Stay Woke is available on all digital outlets.

Nigerian Musician, Elvis Goodluck Releases New Single “My God Big”, off His New album “Immortal”.


Nigerian artist, Elvis Goodluck releases new single tilted “My God Big”, off the newly release album “Immortal”.

The African folk inspired single expressed in English, Pidgin English, Yoruba language of western Nigeria and Igbo language of Eastern Nigeria, eulogizes the great deeds of God and how that influences our affairs positively. The Imo state born Gospel music who is based in Malaysia is a choir coordinator, currently serving at Potters House Of Glory International. His album “Immortal” was released on the 18th of May 2018. Preceding the album release was the single with the same title as the album. He believes that God’s gift of voice which he was given should be used to proclaim God’s faithfulness.

“My God Big” is produced by Kenzeal, alongside other singles on the “Immortal” album.


Fans Outraged At Women Of Color Only Segment At TGC/18


There is a conference holding a “Women of Color” only segment. They say, “The legacy is hosting a special gathering for women of color at the Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference this year. We hope that this gathering will create a space for women of color to address particular concerns and issues, process them together in small groups and pray for one another in this event. We are aiming to build up the whole body of Christ by strengthening a part of the body in a focused manner.”

Now this is the flayer that goes with it.

But as you can imagine, this was met with a lot of concern. These guys said that the “women of color” gathering at the conference has requested that white women stay out. This is insane! Now they have put up a statement saying, DGCA team or the special women of color gathering because of those shared distinct experiences. I understand that many white women attending deeply and sincerely desire to participate in an event like this, so they can praise the lord! May their tribe increase. However, we run the risk of the audience growing so large and perhaps even resulting in our sources of color being the minority. At an event specifically designed for them to be the majority that the goal of cultivating a space for more honest discussion and direct encouragement for women of color would be compromised.”

Jackie Hill explains what this is for. I didn’t put up any attitudes because there are several tweets. I read the thread but in short Jackie Hill says, “a lot of times at these conferences you have very few minorities there”, and she said “I`ve been to a lot of these conferences and while i enjoyed a lot of the love i received from my white brothers and sisters, i still felt alone.”

So, this is a situation where a group of them can gather together and feel like there are more people like them there and actually discuss the issues that they are dealing with or that they are struggling with now before you say anything yes if this was in fact the other way around I am pretty sure we have minorities would in fact have a problem with just a white section or just a white segment. However, you must understand it’s not like that and when it comes to conferences by and large people of color do not attend these very often and don’t have people that they can relate to. So, something like this is needed to let them know that they are but they aren’t alone. And you can have several white speakers and several white people involved but to be honest or to keep it a bill, they don’t deal with what we deal with; they don’t know what we know; they don’t feel what we feel. They only can go off of what they have heard but they have not experienced it because they are not the minority. I was talking to my wife the other day and was like, you know Mexicans or Latinos can feel what we feel. They are a minority and they actually receive it sometimes even worse than what we actually receive. So those are people that you know that I understand that they really can relate with. So that’s what this is for and that’s what she was saying. But as you can imagine a lot of people are met with outrage about this and they’re down talking it. On one side I understand just because if the coin was flipped we would feel the same. But on the flip side with a coin not being flipped, a coin will never be flipped. The fact of the matter is, a lot of people don’t understand what we walk through, a lot of people don’t understand what we deal with and here we are again. If I’m not mistaken she’s going to be there talking about a book and different things like that. Here we are again people trying to muzzle the progression people trying to muzzle or trying to stop you know something like this maybe that was a different way that they could have done about it. But this is the way they chose to go about it and I think it’s a pretty dope situation being someone who has been a part of certain conferences and been in certain conferences you don’t see many people that look like you, talk like you, act like you, so therefore it would be good.

Why don’t you all let me know what you all think. Is it a good/bad idea?. Some people are saying that this is the bias of saying that it’s making a divided God or divided religion or are trying to cause divisiveness and I don’t I really see it that way. What I can get out of this is, they can feel that way. But it’s not like a whole conference is just for black people. Even in this festival white people go to that as well so I don’t this is just a segment a small portion that is just for women of color so what do you all think?


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God Over Money Artist “Sevin” Is Set To Release New Album This Month.


Over a decade plus in the game and showing NO signs of slowing down, Sacramento native Sevin is set to release a new album “Rather Die Than Deny” June 22nd featuring God Over Money Artists Datin, K. Allico, & Jered Sanders, along with guest appearances by Gemstones, Illuminate, & more.

For more information, visit God over money website


Nigerian Hiphop Artist Kelar Thrillz Drops “NEBO” New Single!


Kingsley Orji also known as Kelar Thrillz, teams up with producer, PLICE dropping his first single in over 12 months. This is nothing like you’ve ever heard from him before. Who knew he could rap in Yoruba?

“NEBO” means neighbor (Stylized) is a call for young people to dance and praise God without having external influences from drug abuse. Following the nationwide awareness of the high rate of drug abuse among young people. Kelar encourages listeners that they don’t need to get high to have fun.

He is known for his highly energetic performances with his dance crew, De-Fix Crew.

Listen | Share

  • ARTIST:Kelar Thrillz


  • Release Date: June 6, 2018

Kid Tris “APOKARADOKIA” Music Video, Does It Deserve The Controversy?


There has been a lot of controversy surrounding this video “APOKARADOKIA” by Kid Triss.

Now the first and foremost thing is that I’ve seen several people not like they don’t rock with this at all. But there are several people that do. And now there are some people that came to the same standard he had better music and everything like that. But when it came to the single venue video a lot of people are now rocking with it. But I checked out a lot of the comments and a lot of people who were commenting on the video definitely were rocking when this one seems like he’s getting a lot of support. On one side yet there’s a lot of people that don’t really rock with this. On the other side I even let my wife kind of check this video out because she doesn’t really mess with CHH like that.

So I like to get another point of view and she said that the beat was dope, which it is, the video was interesting, which it is. However can’t understand him and I think what a lot of times what’s happening is when we can’t stand someone we are very quick to shun them. And so I try not to really take that approach but honestly I’m really confused as to this kind of the point where we are happy and let you know WHATUPRG’s “West Side”. It was just a video. To me it was a song that was all over the place. I didn’t really vibe with it. However the project was dope. I have said that this is another one that I just I don’t rock with a lot of people don’t rock with. Because not only can we not understand them but it’s kind of like he’s not really saying much that he just really got in the studio and just made something kind of catchy somebody said his comments to Cashy 69. I said definitely to me this is kind of like a little punk but again we have a lot of people that actually rocking or rocking with this so therefore I don’t know where exactly we draw the line from actual music or things that actually have a point to where we just allow people to do what they want to and just leave them alone and let them run away. I’m all about artist creativity but I think sometimes there needs to be a line drawn between. Now this review of the video is not meant to bash, i am simply asking a question where we are within Christian hip hop. So I ask you all this because I value your opinions. Am I tripping or is this a little as far as being different?

What’s your take?